Welcome to the Ani-Care Animal Hospital information page. We are a premier provider of veterinary medicine in the York area for all kinds of household pets.  Our goal is to provide the very best in animal care.  Keeping high standards in mind, we would like your input. Please use the contact page to share your opinions with us. 

The following is a short description of what we provide:

General Internal Medicine

General Internal Medicine includes what most people would consider the bulk of veterinary practice.  This includes such topics as wellness plans and vaccine protocols, diagnosis of sick patients, and treatment of even major illness such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism, or cancer.  We are able to provide advanced care for your pet at any level. 

Exotic and Alternative Pet Medicine

Exotic and Alternative pet medicine is growing by leaps and bounds.  There are so many species being kept as pets today and Dr. Feinsod has received special training with many of these species.  He has served as the medical director for an exotic animal rescue for many years which has allowed him to have lots of hands-on experience diagnosing and treating exotic pets and wildlife. We have specialized diagnostic and surgery equipment for exotic pet species. He also attends exotic animal veterinary conferences yearly to stay current with this ever-advancing field. Although has a special interest in reptiles, Dr Feinsod is equally qualified to treat small mammals, birds, and some smaller farm pets.  He has even served as veterinarian to Falcon Environmental Services which is the group that maintains falconry birds at NYC's Kennedy Airport.

General Surgery

This service includes all of your basic surgical procedures.  Examples of such include spays, neuters, hernia repair, mass removals and biopsies.

Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Feinsod is an experienced general surgeon with extensive orthopedic surgery experience.  He has had great success with knee surgeries.  He also performs hip and elbow surgeries and can repair fractures as well. 


Radiosurgery is the use of radiowaves to affect tissue.  Its uses and applications are similar to laser without many of the hazards and side effects.  It was originally developed for dentistry and dental surgery but has unlimited uses in veterinary medicine.  This technique can be life saving for small animals as it stops bleeding extremely well.  It can also seal nerve endings, which decreases pain.   

Advanced Anesthetic Monitoring Equipment

Having a pet undergo anesthesia is a stressful and worrisome situation for most pet owners. Our intra-operative monitoring system monitors all of your pet's vital signs and can transmit them to any computer in the hospital via bluetooth! This system helps ensure that your pet has a safe surgery and recovery. Should there be any abnormal readings we can also trasmit ECG readings to a cardiologist for evaluation.

In-House Laboratory

Our in-house lab equipment is capable of giving us answers in 2-15 minutes. From yearly heartworm/lyme disease tests and FELV/FIV, to blood chemistries, blood cell counts, thyroid levels and basic urinalysis, we can give you answers today when needed. In addition, to eliminate multiple trips to our office we also run our stool samples in house so if your pet needs medicine you walk out with it that day. No more waiting for samples to come back from the lab when your pet is very sick! This is especially important for exotic pet species that tend to hide illness until they are in critical condition.

Digital X-ray

Our digital x-ray system gives us answers in seconds and x-rays are saved directly into your pet's electronic chart. Digital x-ray also gives us the capability of transmitting your pet's x-rays to a board certified radiologist for interpretion within the hour on any species.


Dentistry is now one of veterinary medicine's most important wellness topics.  Bacteria from dental disease have been known to spread into the blood and cause infection in the heart, lungs, and kidneys.  It can also infect many other organs as well, not to mention mouth pain.  Our pet's can't tell us when their mouth hurts. Some pets will still even eat hard food despite their discomfort. Keeping your pets’ teeth healthy is therefore extremely important. Read about dentistry at our practice here.

Dr Feinsod has also received advanced training in rabbit and guinea pig dental procedures.

Laser Therapy

Many of our patients are already enjoying the healing and pain-relieving benefits of laser therapy. For more information click here


A less invasive alternative to exploratories, retrieving biopsies, etc. We have one of the smallest scopes around for use in our tiniest patients!

You Tell Us!

Veterinary Medicine is an ever-changing field.  Please feel free to let us know how we are doing and how we can better serve you.  If you need additional services, please let us know so we can add it to our list of services.  Thank You.