Frequently Asked Questions

What brands do you carry?

RevoltInterceptor PlusBravecto|
Wellness Dog and Cat foods
Oxbow Animal Health and Supreme Pet Food products
Harrison's bird foods.
Lafeber Emeraid and Critical Care Nutrition products
Glycoflex chews for joint support in dogs/cats
Royal Canin veterinary prescription diets
Zoomed lighting and reptile supplements
And so much more! 

What do I do if found a baby or injured...?

Finding "orphaned" or injured wildlife: We can only see wildlife brought in by a licensed wildlife rehabber. If you have found an orphaned wild animal and you are 100% sure the mother was killed or has abandoned the baby/nest here are licensed wildlife rehabbers in York County:

Finding Wild bunnies:

Finding baby birds:

Do you offer at-home euthanasia?

While we do not offer at-home euthanasia services our friends at Peace Pet Passage and Lap of Love do.

What can I do about all these strays cats in my neighborhood?

The York County SPCA offers trap rentals and spay/neuter, vaccines, and testing for stray cats at a very low fee.